15th Sept 2010

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::Frequently Asked Questions::

Q1. Will 'IT' (wrought iron) rust?
Ans: Most iron will rust, but if you send to for galvanizing, the lifespan will last longer. For exact how many years, that will depends where it is located at. For outdoor usage, it is a must to galvanize because under rain and shine condition. For those indoor use, like window grilles, gates, railings and etc, it is coated with 4 layers of paints including first layer of protection paint.
Q2. Is There Any Maintenance?
Ans: Not really, but it is up to individual.
Q3. Where does the parts came from?
Ans: Most of the parts are imported, some are locally made, and locally assemble in our workshop.
Q4. Who will be taking the measurement & installation? 
Ans: Our project executive will be in charge of the measurement, & most of the time, installation is also done by the person who measured and the assistant. Our installer are all with us for many years, even without the present of the project executive, they can handle too.
Q5. Is There Any Guaranteed By Your Company?
Ans: Our Company is a family run business since 1980, we are not giving any guaranteed, but we do provide after sales service even after many years.
Q6. Is there any service charge if I asked you down for an appointment but did not confirmed with you on the spot?
Ans: NO. Every appointment & quotation is at no obligation. But of course, please make the appointment with us only is you are genuine in looking for a contractor, if not, I will be wasting of your precious time.
Q7. After confirmation, how many days can you installed?
Ans: Depends, if only one item like gate, its takes about 3-4 days, any thing more than that will be form 7-21 days also depending very much on items.
Q8. Your price is including of...?

a. Supply, Installation and delivery
b. Dismantling/ Removal of existing (gate/ grilles/ window) if any
c. Painting of 2 choices of colors (either gate or grilles) for Wrought Iron Material Only
d. Standard lockset for gate / grille lock for window grille/ standard handle for casement window

For windows, application of HDB permits is applicable.

Q9. Why do you need to apply HDB permits for me?
Ans: It is a standard procedure if you are doing any renovation work including changing of windows. HDB need to approve any jobs which we applied before work can be done. For more information on HDB regulation, you can call to your nearest branch office for more enquries.
Q10. Do I need to pay for the HDB Application?
Ans: No payment is needed at all as it is part of our service.
Q11. What documents do you need for the Application?
  • 1 Copy of Owner's Identification Card
  • 1 Copy of application form
  • 3 Copies of floorplan
  • 3 / 5 Copies of submission drawings
  • Owner's Signature
Q12. Your pricing is slightly different, why?
Ans: We are offering more on Quality Products. Our welders are experience in welding for many years and are all local. Every steps and procedure (except powder coating & galvanize) are done by our own workers as we don't sub them out. 
Q12A. Are your products local?
Ans. Material are imported by others and locally fabricated in our workshop.
Q13. How do you know my gate size when I called for enquiries?

Ans: Quite standard. There are estimate 2 types of sizes for HDB flats but there are varies sizes for condominium units and private houses.

For older type of HDB flats, the gate size is approximate Width 3ft / 900mm x Height 7ft / 2100mm.
For newer type of HDB flats, the gate size is approximate Width 4ft / 1200mm x Height 7ft / 2100mm.

For condominium and private houses, the gate size ranges which information need to be provided by owner before any enquiries on pricing. 

Q14. What is you installation time and day?
Ans: Installation is available on Monday to Saturday, Time: 10am onwards.

Important: No installation can be done on Saturday for Condominium. 

Q15. Can I request a copy of brochure or catalogue to be send to me?
Ans: We are very sorry to inform that we do not print any brochure and catalogue for contractors or house owner as our online website holds more than it can be printed on the catalogue and any printed copy seems to be outdated very fast as things keep changing. Therefore, we saved on printing cost that's is why our house owner get to enjoy some freebies and discounts.

Of course, most of the items shown online can be download but we sincerely hope that contractors and house owner do not misused the photos shown online. 

Q16. Why are you putting so much of your company items online and not afraid of others will copy?
Ans: Most of the items in the galleries are commonly seen outside in HDB flats, condominium and even private house. We also want to ease the owner convenient by need not travel to our showroom and can be able to view just right in front of your monitor.
Q17. Can I visit your showroom anytime?
Ans: You can visit our showroom on Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm but it is still advisable to call before coming down.
Q18. When do I need to arrange an appointment? 
Ans: Monday to Friday after 5pm. Saturday and Sunday and Public Holidays. 
Please call our friendly sales staff at: 6367-2124 for appointment.
Q19. What type of payment do you accept upon confirmation and delivery?
Ans: Cash or Personal/ Company Cheque only.

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